The Right Seller's Agent Sweetens The Deal

10 August 2022
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Heavy emphasis is often placed on securing the right agent when potential buyers hit the market for a new home. It is equally important the same focus be exerted when it comes to securing an agent as a seller. Seller's agents are sometimes overlooked in the process, but they can make the selling process easier. Learn more about choosing a home seller's agent to bring ease to the process.

Local Market Expertise

The seller's agent should have as much local market expertise as possible for a very important reason — to ensure you list your home appropriately. Sure, it is never good when a home is listed too high, but it is worse when a property is sold for less than it is worth. An agent with market expertise can help you list your home for an aggressive price that maximizes profits.

Buyer Filtering

Legally, seller agents must notify sellers of every offer received. However, a qualified seller's agent still knows how to filter potential buyers, so that the seller is not bombarded with offers. For instance, a qualified agent might send a nightly email to legally notify you of the less than desirable offers but call you for offers that meet your criteria. The seller is still meeting their legal obligation, while not overloading you with dead-end offers. 

Marketing Machine

To help make the process of selling your home easier, you should also want to partner with an agent that has a marketing machine on their side. The market is often saturated with properties; sometimes to the point that it can feel overwhelming to potential buyers. A seller with marketing knowledge knows how to effectively market a property so that it stands out in the buyer community. The greater the exposure, the faster you will likely sell your home.

Communication Ease

It is essential you feel comfortable communicating with your agent. Your agent should be qualified to represent you in your absence, which means the agent needs to know all about your wants and needs. Whether it is details about the importance of selling your home as quickly as possible or knowledge about the sentimental value of your home and the importance that the right buyer is selected, the easier you can communicate with the agent, the better.

If you plan to sell your home, be sure to take your time and select an agent that will work for you to sell your home on your terms.