Why You Should Invest In a Real Estate Business Coaching Package

24 February 2021
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Real estate can be a very difficult profession to choose. It has definite rewards and is an exciting career, but with so much competition and not enough inventory at times, it can be a difficult job.  Real estate agents, whether they are brand new to the industry or have been around for a few years can benefit from a real estate business coaching package. You might not believe you need a coach right now, but if you are struggling a little bit in your career, a coach can definitely help put you back on the right track. Read More 

Why Start Your Rental Search With Two Bedroom Apartments?

9 February 2021
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What size apartment should you rent? If you're not sure whether to search for studios, two-bedroom apartments, or other options, take a look at the questions to ask right now. Do You Need a Roommate? Can you afford to live on your own? Do you enjoy the constant companionship of a close friend or a family member who lives in your home? If you need a roommate, you need extra apartment space. Read More 

Thinking About Buying a Cabin? 3 Important Things to Consider

22 January 2021
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A cabin in the mountains or somewhere out in nature may seem like the ideal second property. When it comes to buying a cabin, there are a few things you need to consider before you start the buying process. Consideration #1: Affordability Start by determining if you can afford a cabin. A cabin is usually a smaller financial investment than a regular second home. However, it is going to come with its own expenses. Read More 

How To Rent Your Home For Corporate Housing

6 January 2021
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You may have thought of getting into the rental market and renting your home to tenants. If you are interested in short-term rentals, you have another option other than renting to tourists. You could also rent your home for corporate housing. This is a great idea if you have a luxury home or condo and have thought of using it as an investment property. You could opt to buy a secondary home to use as an investment as well. Read More 

Preparing To Transition To A Career In Real Estate

15 December 2020
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For individuals that are needing a career change, pursuing a future in real estate can be an option that will be able to offer rewarding working conditions and good pay. However, individuals will need to complete some training to become a licensed real estate agent. This can discourage some individuals as they may find the thought of enrolling in school to be intimidating, but it is possible to make this process easier to manage without compromising the benefits that these courses can provide. Read More