How Does Commission Work When Selling A House?

25 September 2020
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When you buy a house, you can hire a Realtor to help you find the right home. This Realtor assists you with every step of buying a house, and you do not have to pay any fees for this service. The seller pays the fees, but have you ever wondered how this works when selling a home? Here is an explanation of how commissions work when people sell their homes. Read More 

3 Touches That Scream “Luxury Home For Sale”

21 September 2020
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When you start combing the local markets for a new place to hang your hat, it can be tricky to know what's a good deal and which listings are being sold for more than they are worth. While a real estate agent is always a powerful asset to have, choosing a luxury property that has been carefully maintained and that is projected to hold it's valued well can be an excellent investment. Read More 

Smart Questions to Ask Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate

16 September 2020
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The income from commercial real estate can have the potential to offer investors higher returns than those available in the residential housing market. But in order to receive these returns, investors must first make certain the properties they purchase have or can be developed to have valuable qualities. If you are preparing to invest in commercial real estate, the following information can help you compare available properties and select those that offer more potential benefits for your needs. Read More 

Two Questions To Ask When Buying A Home For Multiple Generations

15 September 2020
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About 2.7 million adults have moved in with their parents (or grandparents in some cases) due to the pandemic. However, even before coronavirus fundamentally changed how people lived and worked, it was becoming common for homes to contain multiple generations of people. If multigeneration living is going to be a permanent situation for you, here are a couple of questions to ask to help you find the home that fits your family. Read More 

4 Important Steps To Take When Buying A Waterfront Home

14 September 2020
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Purchasing a waterfront home is a step-up from owning a regular home. A waterfront home provides you not just with a place to live but also with a place to relax with a great view at the same time. Purchasing a waterfront home is a special investment. Important Step #1: Get Pre-Approved for Financing First, you need to get pre-approved for financing. Most sellers are only interested in accepting an offer from a seller that has been pre-approved for financing. Read More