3 Reasons To Hire A Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

30 June 2022
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Have you been on a long search for the perfect building to invest in for your new business venture? If you are relieved to have finally found the type of building you need, do not be too quick to close the deal with the seller. Although the building might seem to be in a good condition and located in the ideal area, there might be underlying problems of concern that you should know about. Without knowing all the important details about the property, you can end up spending more money than the property is valued at. There are a few reasons why you need help from a commercial real estate appraiser before moving on with such a big investment.

1. Consider the Data Trends of the Location 

Something that you may have not considered about the building you are interested in investing in is the data trends of the location. For example, did you consider how likely the building is to lose value in the years to come rather than gain more value? A real estate appraiser will look at the statistics of the location to determine if there is a trend of nearby properties being sold or rented out for less money than in the past. A common reason for properties to lose value is for crime statistics to grow. An appraiser will evaluate other important data trends in the location as well.

2. Thoroughly Assess the Overall Condition of a Building

An important step taken by real estate appraisers is to assess the condition of a building in a more thorough manner than their clients. For example, if you deemed the building to be in a good condition simply from walking through the property, you might be wrong. An appraiser will not only walk through the property but will look at even the smallest details to determine how the value of the property is affected. The electrical outlets, light fixtures, ceilings, floors, vents, roof, HVAC system, and various other aspects of the building will be thoroughly inspected.

3. Research Past Property Taxes

Even if you get a good deal for the commercial building you want to purchase, there might be unexpected costs down the road. You will be required to pay property taxes, and the taxes might be more than you expected. An appraiser will let you know about the past property tax trends, including whether the taxes have been rising over the years.

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