4 Ways To Keep Construction Costs Under Control

5 October 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you are building a new home, you will want to keep your construction costs within your budget. There are many ways that you can ensure that your construction costs don't get out of control.

Way #1: Be Smart About Choosing Land

First, you will want to be smart about how you choose the land that you purchase. The land you purchase will have a big impact on what it costs to build on that land.

If the land is full of shrub brush and will require extensive excavation, your construction costs will be higher than if you purchase a piece of land that needs a lot of work. Look for a plot of land that will require minimum excavation so that you don't add up a ton of costs before the foundation for the home is even put down.

Look beyond the price of the land and consider what it will cost to develop the land.

Way #2: Get Several Bids

Second, when it comes to selecting a contractor, you will want to get bids from several contractors. You are going to want to get at least three or more bids. You will want to look for a contractor that listens to what you need and is willing to work within your budget. You also want to look for a contractor that has reasonable prices and offers you a detailed quote. Take the time to get multiple quotes and look for a contractor that respects your vision and your budget. 

Way #3: Go for an Open Plan

Third, another way to save money is to go with a more open floor plan. An open floor plan will cost less per square foot to build than a closed floor plan, as you will have fewer walls to contend with, as well as fewer doorways, halls, electrical, and plumbing.

You want to ensure that you build a design that you like and that has a good flow. However, going with an open floorplan can allow you to get a little more mileage out of the money you invest in your home.

Think about what you need space for and build those spaces. For example, you don't need a formal dining room if you don't ever host sit-down dinners. You could instead create an open space for a dining room table that flows with and connects to the kitchen.

Way #4: Source Materials

Finally, you may want to source some of your own materials. If your contractor will allow it, using second-handed materials, such as cabinets or light fixtures, or flooring, can be a way to give your home some old-school character while also saving money on your build.

When it comes to saving money on building a home, consider how much development the land will need before you start to build. Then, get quotes from multiple contractors and go with an open floorplan using sourced materials to save costs.

Contact a home builder in your area for more information.