Homes With Acreage For Sale: Things To Consider Before You Buy

10 March 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Homes with acreage are appealing in many ways. When you start looking at homes with acreage for sale, it's important that you consider the following things so you have the best results in your search. The same tips also apply if you're looking for land to build your own home on in addition to homes with acreage.

Water rights

When looking at homes with acreage, immediately inquire about water rights. These are the rights of the property owner to use the water that is close to or on the property, such as a creek, river, irrigation canal, or other water sources. Without water rights, you have to figure out a way to water the entire acreage on your own, which can include installing a well pump irrigation system or using available irrigation if there is any.

Roadway access

Homes with acreage should have a private road or a public road leading to them that makes it easy to get in and out of town. If a roadway is private, learn how far it goes when looking at homes with acreage and learn if the roadways are accessible from other parts of the land than just the main home. If there is no private lane and just a public road, does the road go straight to the home or just the acreage, and what concerns might there be about other people driving on the same road to access their own land?

Your real estate agent can help you learn access to roadways and public access areas by acquiring a map. A map will show the property ownership along with any easement roadway accesses and will also show both private and public roads.


When looking at homes with acreage or just acreage alone, check on utilities. Do these properties have a private well and electricity already hooked up? Is there a modern septic system in place? These things are important because they can be costly to add later after buying the property.

Land use

Do you want a home with acreage because you're thinking of selling off some of the land to offset the purchase cost? You should look into what the land use is listed for because sometimes it's hard to parcel off land that can only be used for agricultural or farming use and not residential. Your real estate agent can help you figure out the best homes with acreage for your needs and future use.