Why Start Your Rental Search With Two Bedroom Apartments?

9 February 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


What size apartment should you rent? If you're not sure whether to search for studios, two-bedroom apartments, or other options, take a look at the questions to ask right now.

Do You Need a Roommate?

Can you afford to live on your own? Do you enjoy the constant companionship of a close friend or a family member who lives in your home? If you need a roommate, you need extra apartment space. While a studio or one-bedroom may fit you perfectly, you won't have the added square footage to accommodate a roommate. This means your apartment hunt should start with two-bedroom units or larger. 

Do You Work from Home?

Whether you have a roommate, a family, or neither, you may still need more than just one bedroom. Work from home jobs require you to set up and work in an area that's quiet and comfortable. Even though the living room, dining room, or kitchen table spaces may seem sufficient, these may not provide the same level of seclusion you need to get your job done.

A spare bedroom offers an easy way to create a work from home space in your apartment. Instead of studios or one-bedroom apartments, look for two or more bedrooms. This way you have a bedroom and a separate dedicated workspace.

Do You Have Guests Often?

Does your mother come to visit once a month? Do your friends often sleepover after a late-night dinner party? If you have guests often, you need somewhere other than a living room sleeper sofa for them to stay. A second bedroom is a perfect place for your guests to get comfortable and spend the night. It also gives you your own space, making it less likely they'll disrupt your routine. 

Do You Need Extra Storage Space?

Ideally, your new apartment would come with plenty of walk-in closets or a separate basement/off-site storage unit. But if it doesn't, you may need an extra bedroom. Turn a second (or third) bedroom into an over-sized closet or storage space. This allows you to keep extra clothing, furniture, or almost anything else in your home without adding extra clutter to your living area.

Do You Have Kids?

A one-bedroom or studio apartment may easily fit a single adult or two married/partnered adults. Kids require extra space and their own rooms. If you have children, expand your apartment search to rentals with at least two usable bedrooms.