Tips For Buying Your First Single Family Home

13 November 2020
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Many first-time buyers may think that they have heard it all before. A lot of advice about buying a home sounds the same after a while. These are some of the uncommon but helpful pieces of advice that will help you buy your first home. This is what you need to know about buying your first single-family home.

Do Not Get Credit When You Are in the Pre-Approval Stage

If you have been pre-approved for a mortgage, you do not have the freedom to go wild with your credit. You should avoid getting additional credit when you are in the pre-approval stage because you could actually lose your pre-approval if your credit changes dramatically.

Do Not Quit Your Job (or Change Jobs) in the Pre-Approval Stage

In the pre-approval stage of your mortgage, you should also hold onto your job. You can lose your pre-approval if you lose your job or start a new job. Consistency is the key to securing a mortgage, and you want to look as stable as possible.

Look at Homes That Offer Wiggle Room

When you begin looking at homes, make sure that you start on the lower end of your budget. This will allow you to make higher bids when the market gets more competitive.

Consider Unconventional Loan Options

For some people, it can be more difficult to secure funding. You may find that unconventional loan options are among the most available to you. Don't rule anything out without talking with your real estate professional.

Talk to Neighbors When Possible

Before you commit to a house, get an idea about the neighborhood first. You might even check out the neighbors and have a conversation to make sure you are not getting into a situation where you might be uncomfortable.

Be Ready to Have Hard Conversations

Some of the conversations that might arise during the buying of your first home can be difficult. You may find that you do not qualify for the loan you first applied for, and you may have to lower your budget. These things happen, and you need to be ready to get some difficult news.

Consult With a Real Estate Professional

If you are buying your first home, it is important that you speak with a real estate professional. A real estate pro can help you determine what you need to make sure that you are buying the right home for your family.

For more information about single-family homes on the market, reach out to a local real estate office.