What You Should Know About Homebuyer Rebates

14 October 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When buying a home, it only makes sense to look for savings and rebates whenever you can. If you aren't familiar with the idea of homebuyer rebates, this might be something that you will want to learn a little more about before buying your next home. These are some of the things that you might want to know about homebuyer rebates.

They Aren't Allowed in All States

First of all, be aware that homebuyer rebates and similar rebates and deals are not available in all states. The real estate agent that you work with has to follow certain laws and regulations that might be specific to your state. If you aren't sure of whether or not homebuyer rebates are an option in your state, do a little bit of online research or ask your real estate agent.

You'll Need to Look for the Right Brokerage

Unfortunately, not all real estate agencies and brokerages offer homebuyer rebates. You will specifically need to look for a brokerage that is willing to offer this type of rebate. At the same time, you will also want to make sure that you are hiring a good, knowledgeable and licensed real estate agent to assist you with the purchasing process.

They Come Out of the Real Estate Agent's Commission

If you are wondering who pays the homebuyer rebate, you should know that this money comes from the real estate agent's commission. After all, real estate agents receive a commission each time that they sell a home. Of course, the real estate agent will not typically give you their entire commission in the form of a rebate. However, they might give you a certain percentage, such as half.

It May Come Out of Your Closing Costs

In some cases, you will not actually physically be given any money for your homebuyer rebate. Instead, the rebate might come out of your closing costs. This represents money that you don't have to pay, so it can make the closing process a little easier and more affordable.

It Might Be Given to You After Closing

Although some brokerages simply take the buyer's rebate out of the closing costs, some do things a little differently. For example, in many cases, the homebuyer rebate is given after closing. In many cases, this money is given in the form of a check, and the homebuyer can use the money in any way that they want to.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers homebuyer rebates.