3 Touches That Scream "Luxury Home For Sale"

21 September 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When you start combing the local markets for a new place to hang your hat, it can be tricky to know what's a good deal and which listings are being sold for more than they are worth. While a real estate agent is always a powerful asset to have, choosing a luxury property that has been carefully maintained and that is projected to hold it's valued well can be an excellent investment. Here are three touches that scream "luxury homes for sale," and why you might like the additions. 

1. Gated Community

Gated communities offer residents the chance to enjoy gated access to their neighborhood, keeping out solicitors, burglars, and lookie-loos. In addition to helping you to enjoy a quieter neighborhood free of traffic, gated communities also typically have lower crime rates and higher resale values, which is why saying "yes" to that home in a gated area is a great idea. 

If you want to invest in luxury property, start with looking for listings in gated areas. Make your dollars matter by looking for the worst house in the nicest gated community. After making a few simple cosmetic changes to the house, you could resell the home in a few years for a fantastic profit. 

2. In-Home Amenities

From home theaters to built-in basketball courts, there is something to be said for having leisure closeby. Many luxury properties are designed to give family members and friends fun things to do right at home, lowering recreation costs and making it fast and easy to entertain. From small handball courts to backyard swimming pools, in-home amenities shouldn't be overlooked and could be a sign you are truly investing in a luxury property. 

3. Professionally Installed and Maintained Landscaping

As you tour different properties, be on the lookout for yards that were installed by a true professional. Expertly crafted landscaping should make sense, consist of indigenous plants that will thrive in the area, and contain hardscaping that makes the area easy to use. Pay close attention to the way the landscaping looks on the day you tour the property. If the yard looks professionally maintained, it may be easier to take care of moving forward. 

Whenever you are in the market for luxury property, it is important to think about your personal budget, how long the listing has been on the market, and how flexible the sellers are with the price. Oftentimes, luxury property owners are willing to budget on price because they aren't as concerned with losing a few dollars on an older property.