Touring Homes? 3 Signs You'll Love The Space

11 September 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


As you search for a new home, you may find yourself imagining yourself in the space. From cuddling up with a book on that window seat to making beautiful family dinners in the kitchen, it can be tricky to peel yourself away from an idea once it has set in. However, if you look for the right things, you can rest assured that you will love the space. Here are three signs you will enjoy your new home and why you shouldn't hesitate to put in a great offer. 

1. It Has More Room Than You Need

Space is one thing that is hard to upgrade later. If you move into a home and you find that the space is cramped and dated, you may find yourself daydreaming about additions or thinking long and hard about making adjustments to the floorplan. 

To avoid this problem, look for a home that has more space than you need. Take the time to evaluate the size of your current home so you can compare the room sizes to your new home. Try to select a home that has more room than what you might need or want since you can always grow into the space later, enjoy a few extra rooms, or have plenty of guest space for your friends and family. 

2. The Outdoor Space Provides Privacy

You will never want to relax in your home when neighbors can see right into your space, and if you can't use that swimming pool without a bunch of people watching, you may not want to take a dip, either. 

Look for a home that has a large, private yard. Pay attention to things like hedges, gates, and the orientation of other property in the area. Think about whether or not a person on the adjacent property could talk to you if they were on the edge of their property, just in case you happen to be outside at the same time. 

3. The Neighborhood Isn't Changing 

While many people view a changing neighborhood as a positive, it can be a very negative thing if you move into a neighborhood and then everything is different a few years later. Pay attention to areas near the home that may be developed or changed, including commercial lots of land. Look for an area that will likely remain stable. 

After you know what you want when it comes to finding a new house, turn to a real estate agent who has experience searching for the right place. Talk with them about what you are looking for, and make sure you have your pre-approval letter from your lender in place. By working with them to identify a great home, you can avoid ending up in a home you won't like later.