Not Having Children? 3 Ways To Save When Buying A Property

29 August 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When many individuals and couples go through the process of buying a property, they think about starting a family in the future. However, you may know that you are not going to have any children, which means you can look at the property buying process a lot differently. This also gives you an excellent opportunity to save money with your purchase in numerous ways.


A couple looking to get enough bedrooms in a house for a family may feel like they need to demand at least three bedrooms to satisfy their needs. Since you will not be starting a family, you may be more than comfortable with a two-bedroom home including the master bedroom.

If you intend on having guests regularly, you can dedicate the extra bedroom to guests. But, you should also be able to turn it into a multipurpose room where guests can sleep comfortably. Most two-bedroom places have a lower listing price when compared to homes with more bedrooms.


Another thing that you may notice a lot of people looking for in homes is excellent school districts. This makes sense because those who want to start families may want to make sure that their children go to high-quality schools in safe areas and with excellent funding. But, you do not need to worry about schools when you will not be having any children that need to go to school.

When you are not planning to raise a family, you do not even need to look at places with schools nearby. In this case, you can even choose to avoid the desirable school districts to get the most for your money when it comes to the size, features, or qualities with the place that you buy.


Only needing to accommodate you and your spouse in a property means that you do not need to worry about buying real estate with a large home. A house that is smaller than 1,000 square feet might feel cramped in a large family with several children, but you may feel comfortable in it as a couple.

This makes it worth looking for smaller properties because another factor that you will find affecting house price is the overall size. You may even want to check out condos and town homes because they are typically smaller than single-family homes, which will make it easier to save.

When you are not having kids, you can save money when buying a place in several ways.