5 Features To Expect To See In The Kitchen Of A Luxury Apartment

17 August 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


It's no secret that the average luxury apartment has a lot of amenities and extras to offer compared to a regular place to live. Just a quick look at the average kitchen will show you just how much these units can differ. Here is a look at five features you may find in the kitchen of a luxury apartment. 

Various Forms of Lighting 

The typical apartment may have a single overhead light fixture and a light over the stove. However, the average luxury apartment kitchen is going to offer a full array of lighting solutions. You may have toe-kick lights close to the floor, pendant lights over the food-prep areas, and recessed lighting under the cabinets or in the ceiling. You should be able to adjust the lighting to coincide with whatever it is you are doing, but you will also get to use lighting to alter the total mood of the space. 

Additional Storage Space 

You won't be struggling to find a place to tuck everything away in most luxury apartment kitchens. These dwellings tend to have some of the best storage options for tenants. You may find a full, walk-in kitchen pantry for food storage, extra cabinetry under the bar for small kitchen appliances, and other shelves and drawers to house utensils, towels, and everything else you need. 

Chef-Worthy Appliances 

Cooking in your luxury apartment should feel like you are cooking in a fully-equipped kitchen that is going to yield some of the best meals ever. Your luxury apartment is likely to be outfitted with things like a gas stovetop with an incorporated grill or warming zone, double ovens, and maybe even a wine refrigerator. 

Extra Food-Prep Space 

It is ideal that you can step into your kitchen and make whatever you want without struggling to find a place to prepare everything. With the luxury lifestyle in mind, it is only logical that the kitchen will have ample space for food preparation. You may find a center island with added features like a small sink and garbage disposal, but you will almost always have ample counter space.

In-Kitchen Seating 

Don't be surprised if you visit a luxury apartment and it has a built-in bar or island with seating incorporated. In-kitchen seating is awesome because it allows the people in the apartment to have a place to sit and have coffee, a rink, or a quick meal. However, these implements are also great when you are entertaining just the same. 

If you're looking for a luxury apartment to rent, consider reaching out to a real estate agent or researching online. You'll be glad you did!