What You Can Do To Help Sell Your Home Faster: 3 Tips

29 July 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When selling your home, the last thing you want is for it to sit on the market for months or even years. You want it to get on the market and have people calling to make an appointment to see it and have it sold within hours. This is everyone's dream when it comes to selling a home, and your realtor most likely has the same dream for your home. In order to help it sell faster, there may be some things you need to do in order to achieve this. Read on for helpful tips. 

1. Stage Your Home

Before your realtor takes photos of your home, or if you're doing them yourself, be sure you have your home staged. Make your home appear as if it were in a magazine. This means setting the table and clearing out the clutter that may usually land in your kitchen or dining room. Remove clutter and messes so that the space can easily be seen. You want your home to look like a showroom, not lived in.

2. Paint Over Wild-Colored Walls

You may have loved the bright red wall in your bathroom, but someone else isn't going to love it so much, and it could be a turnoff for a potential buyer. The same goes for that colorful pallet you wanted in your child's bedroom — a potential buyer may not like the same colors so much. Paint over these walls with something more neutral to give a potential buyer a better look at the room. You want them left thinking how large the room was, not how terrible the colors were.

3. Remove Furniture

You may find your living room comfortable with the two chairs, sofa, love seat, and three tables, but it may appear too cluttered to see the space properly. A potential buyer may not be able to picture their own things in the space because there simply isn't enough space to actually see it. Remove some of the furniture in your home to make rooms appear larger so someone coming to look at your home can actually see themselves and their belongings in the space.

To help you sell your home faster, there are things you are going to have to do to make this happen. Your realtor can only do so much when selling your home, you're going to need to do a few things as well. Ask your realtor about other things you can do that will help make your home look more appealing to a potential buyer.

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