Why Freelancers Should Consider Renting Office Space

26 June 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Freelancing can give workers and business owners the freedom to work whenever they want and wherever they want. You can work from home on the couch or in coffee shop — even a park bench. These can have drawbacks, however, and you might be thinking it is time to rent office space to help you complete your freelance work.

If you are a freelancer, you should seriously consider renting office space and here are a few reasons why.

Office Space Helps Maintain a Professional Appearance

While you most likely are professional in all aspects of your business, renting office space will provide you with an upfront professional appearance at all times. When you have a physical office space instead of your home, your clients and potential clients will feel confident that you are in business for the long term and will be there when they need work done.

It also provides a sense of stability for both yourself and your clients. You don't have to make arrangements to meet them in public places like coffee shops or libraries anymore, you can simply give them your office address and meet with them in a professional setting.

It's also easier to show off any credentials and degrees you have earned when you have the office space to display them. This also increases your credibility and shows clients that you are serious about their needs.

A Sense of Community — Without Distractions

When you work at home you are vulnerable to all sorts of distractions. If you have kids at home, they may want your attention or need something from you. Your spouse or other relatives might think you can drop your work at a moment's notice and go for coffee or help them with their errands. There are so many distractions that can keep you from your work so it's not always worth working from home.

When you rent office space, however, you won't have those same distractions. You can simply close your door and ask not to be disturbed unless you have an appointment with a client. 

Also, when you rent office space, there is a sense of community in the building. Most buildings have a food court or other gathering place in which you can meet other professionals and make friends or even network. This can help increase your business potential. In addition, having other professionals around can help relieve any loneliness you might feel from working at home as well.

If you're a freelancer, visit a building with office space for rent today.