Two Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor If You're Thinking About Buying A Luxury Home

23 June 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you want to buy a luxury home, you might want to pose these questions to your realtor when they start showing you properties.

When were the property's luxury features installed?

One of the many perks of buying a luxury home is that it comes with a long list of luxurious features. This might include an infinity pool that overlooks a beautiful garden, a fully-equipped gym, a temperature-controlled wine cellar, or a spa bathroom. If your realtor shows you a property that has the luxury features you personally want, you must ask them when these features were installed. The reason for this is as follows: whilst high-end property features made from top-of-the-line materials will usually have long lifespans, they will not last forever.

If for example, the realtor informs you that the infinity pool in the property you're viewing was fitted a year ago, then it would be safe for you to assume that you won't have to replace or upgrade that pool for many years to come if you buy that property. Conversely, if they tell you it was built fifteen years ago, then you will need to take the cost of having essential work done to that pool into account when you're deciding what figure to choose when making an offer on that property. This will ensure that your offer is not too high.

If you do succeed in purchasing that luxury home, being aware of the work that some of its features require well in advance of moving into it will also mean you can start working with your contractor to upgrade these features as soon as your payment is received by the seller, as you'll already have the information that the contractor will need about the features' conditions.

Can I view the property during rush hour?

You must ask your realtor if you can view the property during rush hour; it is especially important to make this request if the luxury home you're interested in is in a city or town where traffic congestion is a common occurrence. The reason for this is as follows; given the fact that a luxury home is a major investment, you must be certain that it has that air of tranquillity that makes it feel like a beautiful sanctuary. When you walk into it and shut the door, you should feel as if you're escaping from the chaotic world that you normally exist in.

By viewing it at rush hour, when traffic congestion is normally at its worst, you can check that the property is sufficiently far away enough from the source of this chaos for you not to be bothered by the noise or the vehicle fumes. Whilst it is sensible to take this step so that you can be absolutely sure that the property has that tranquil ambiance you desire, you will probably find that the sounds and smells of rush hour are virtually unnoticeable when you're on the property.

This is because most luxury homes are designed to keep the chaos of the world at bay; this is achieved through the inclusion of things like thick walls made with soundproofing materials, large gardens that create distance between the house and the nearby roads, and tall boundary walls that provide privacy.