What To Consider When Renting Office Space

9 June 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Are you looking for a place to set up your business and looking at office rentals? If so, it will help to know what things to consider to ensure that you found the right space for you.

Building Security

One of the first things that you should look into is what kind of security the building offers. The type of security is likely going to vary from building to building. Some allow employees to walk directly into the building with no restrictions, while others require some way to unlock the door with either a key or electronic key fob. A higher-end office building may even have a receptionist that checks guests in. 

The amount of building security that you need will depend on how often customers or clients come to visit, how easily you want them to access your office space, and even if you just don't want to be bugged by solicitors and other people walking up to your door from off the street. 

Loading Area

Consider the needs of your business when it comes to loading items in and out of the building. Do you have a business that frequently receives deliveries? This may cause you to want to look at how it will work to receive shipments through a service elevator. You may need access to a loading dock for items to be dropped off from a truck so that they can be moved with a pallet jack. These are all things to consider with the logistics of a delivery, especially if you are not on the ground floor and have easy access to getting things in and out of the building.

Building Amenities

Building amenities can vary greatly, so it is important to know what they offer and if those features are important to you. Even having an atrium where you can sit and get out of the office to eat lunch can be a welcomed amenity for you and your employees. Other things to consider are fitness centers, easy parking, conference facilities, and vending machines.

Surrounding Businesses

You should also consider the surrounding businesses as well, since the area is where you will be spending all of your time for the foreseeable future. Look at the type of retail establishments that you would be using and if there is competition that you need to be concerned about. If you have a business where clients and customers frequently visit, you may not want to be located next to a competing company that they will discover on their way to see you.

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