Shopping For A Townhouse? 3 Things To Pay Attention To

29 May 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you want to purchase your own home, but you aren't quite ready for a large piece of property and the accompanying significant mortgage, you may be interested in investing in a townhouse. When you invest in a townhouse, you own the land the home is situated on, as opposed to condo ownership, where you only own the space inside the property. Here are three simple things to pay attention to when you purchase a townhouse, and why. 

1. Number of Windows

Depending on how your townhouse is situated, you may have windows at the front, back, or all sides of the property. When townhouses are situated in groups of three, the center property may not have windows on two of the sides, which can make the space feel smaller or claustrophobic. 

If light is important to you, look for a townhouse that has plenty of windows. Consider only looking for units on either side of the building, so you can gain access to those side windows. Keep in mind that these units often sell for more than their middle-situation counterparts, but the money could help you to enjoy a lighter, brighter space. 

2. Condition of Outdoor Space

Many townhouse complexes that have an HOA offer complimentary landscaping in the front of the building and around common areas like courtyards and swimming pools. However, many places don't offer landscaping for your private backyard area, which means you should pay attention to how well maintained that space is before you move in. 

Look for living plants, well-manicured grass areas, properly set pavers, and accessories like hose reels. If things aren't in order, you can calculate how it might cost to repair the issue, and consider that amount during negotiations. 

3. Level of Upkeep

Carefully evaluate the general condition of the property. For instance, are there areas where paint is spread improperly? Are the baseboards installed the right way? Is the carpet dirty or new? By looking at the general upkeep of the home, you can decide whether or not you are willing to take on the projects. 

When you are ready to search for a new townhouse, keep in mind that there are likely a lot of different places for sale on the market, and you shouldn't just settle on the first one you see. View as many properties as you have time to explore, and be on the lookout for something special. By keeping the above characteristics in mind, you can spot issues quickly and continue shopping until you find the right deal. 

For more information about townhouses for sale, contact a local realtor.