Rooms Common In Vintage-Style Luxury Mansions Not Typically Found In Usual Residences

28 May 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


As you shop for your new luxury home, you will come across so many fascinating home styles. Some of the most alluring and interesting can be the vintage-style mansions because they are often outfitted with old-fashioned rooms. Check out just a few of the rooms you may find in a vintage-style luxury home that you would not find in the typical residence. 

The Grand Foyer 

The grand foyer, which is sometimes also referred to as the grand entryway, is a formal entryway into the front of the home. While it is common for regular homes to have a foyer, the grand foyer in a vintage-style mansion is much larger and much more decorative. These spaces are meant to be so luxurious and impressive that anyone who enters would be in awe as soon as they stepped inside the home. It is not uncommon for the grand foyer to lead way to formal stairways that lead to various parts of the house. 

The Great Hall 

The great hall of a mansion is the main room of the entire place. A long time ago, royals had a great hall that would usually be placed in the center of the castle. This room would typically be the largest in the entire property and was often used for grand events and social gatherings. While a great hall in a modern-day, vintage-style luxury home is likely not going to be as large or impressive, these rooms can still be found in the central part of the home and are still often used primarily for entertaining. 

A Cloakroom

The cloakroom is always located just off of the grand foyer, and it has the specific purpose of housing the cloaks (or coats and jackets in modern days) of the guests that stop in for a visit. These rooms are not usually very large, but they can be just as substantial as a large walk-in closet. 

A Parlor 

A parlor is a bit of an ambiguous term; it has meant different things depending on the time period. Nevertheless, parlors of some form are common rooms in luxury mansions and homes. The parlor was often thought of as a more sacred place for kinship gathering during special times, such as during a funeral or during a wedding. Some parlors were specifically used by ladies visiting together and enjoying an afternoon. In any case, a parlor is usually one of the finest decorated rooms in any luxury home.