How to Find a Dog Friendly Townhome for You and Your Furry Friend

28 May 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Whether you want to buy a townhome or you want to rent one, if you are a dog owner then you may worry about how well your animal will adjust to the new space. Seeing whether it has a yard or not will help you determine whether or not it is the right for it for you and your furry best friend. Even if you don't have a backyard, though, there still may be some other solutions that can still make your new townhome a pet friendly place to live. 

Private Front or Backyard

Depending on the design style of your townhome, it may or may not come with a small fenced in yard that's either in the back or the front of the townhome. If this area does have a patch of grass in it, then you can rest assured that your dog will at least have a small amount of square footage to run around and enjoy. If you have a large dog and only a small pad of grass, then things may get a bit trickier but at least they will have some space to use the restroom without you worrying about them having an accident. If you can, have a doggy door installed so that your pet can let themselves in and out throughout the day when you are gone at work or wherever else. 

Private Patio

If your townhome doesn't come with a private yard, then a patio may be the next best thing. If your pet isn't potty trained fully and can't hold it for a long time, then you can always put a puppy pad out on the patio for them to do their business. However, if they are able to hold it throughout the day, then just having a place to sit outdoors may be enough for them. Your patio is also a great place for you to have a doggy door installed. 

Communal Space

If your townhome is surrounded by some communal space then it can make letting your dog out and making sure they can use the restroom a lot easier. Look for a townhome that has a small park or a large grassy area just right outside of the townhome so that you and your animal can enjoy some much needed time together outside. 

Townhome living can be accessible for a lot of people, including those that have pets. To learn more about pet-friendly townhomes, reach out to a real estate agent near you.