Want Easy Handicap Living? 4 Tips For Buying A Home

21 May 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you have someone in your household who is physically handicapped, you may like to do everything that you can to accommodate them. When it comes to buying a house, you should think about the things that can impact their ability to get around from the inside to the outside.

Taking your time with finding a house to make an offer on and prioritizing certain features and qualities should help you provide easy living for the person who is handicapped in your family.


Analyzing the entryway is an important part of the home-buying process because you do not want it to be challenging to enter and exit the house. Fortunately, you will find it easy to determine whether an entryway is suitable or not by looking at the listing photos. Avoiding any steps is the best method to making sure that your home is easily accessible for everyone.


Bathing is something that your handicapped family member will want and need to do on a regular basis, so you should try to buy a house that makes it easy for them. Accomplishing this goal is something that you can do by demanding a walk-in shower with a frameless door. This kind of setup makes it possible to forego a shower track that may be easy to trip on when getting inside.

Another way to make sure that a shower is accommodating for handicapped individuals is by getting a built-in seat as well as grab bars. These two features will make it easier for your family member to shower on their own while also knowing that they can stay safe at all times.


Being physically handicapped can make it tough to get around the house at times. If balance is an issue, you should prioritize homes with carpeting in most rooms because this will provide huge relief if anyone were to fall down while moving around. While a low-pile carpet can work, you should not hesitate to prioritize a high-pile and plush carpet that cushions falls even better.


One of the most important things to prioritize is a one-story home because it may not be easy or even possible for your household member to get upstairs on their own. The great thing about needing a one-story home is that you can narrow down your options both quickly and easily.

If you want to provide easy handicap living in the house that you buy, you should make use of these tips when you begin house hunting. Keep these in mind as you look for a property for sale