3 Tips For Buying A Home That Does Not Need Much Upkeep

15 May 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


A major goal of yours may be purchasing a home, and after saving up for a while, you may be ready to begin looking at single-family homes for sale. If you know that one of the things you are looking for most in a home is low upkeep, you will find that prioritizing certain features and qualities is the way to go.


Even though you may intend on paying the most attention to the inside of homes and all the features they include, you should not forget about the landscape. This is where you can end up with a house that demands a ton of work or not much at all depending on the plants and trees.

For instance, you should demand native plants and trees across the entire landscape because these ones are more likely to survive and even thrive without you doing much work. Nonnative plants may require things such as watering and winter protection to avoid frost damage. If you like a home enough, you should take the time to learn about the landscape before buying it.


Inspecting all the features on the inside and outside of a house will help you buy a low-upkeep property. For instance, wood or tile flooring is worth prioritizing over carpet or even laminate because these flooring types can last several decades without needing to be replaced at all.

This also applies to the countertop, where you will find that a stone countertop is often the best choice for its lifespan and durability over butcher blocker or laminate. When you prioritize long-lasting features, especially ones that have recently been added or replaced, you can look forward to them lasting many years as long as you give them the minimal upkeep that they do need.


Living in a mild climate is one of the best things that you can do to minimize upkeep. Both high and low humidity can have a negative impact on exterior features from cracking to rotting. You will also find that rain and snow put a lot of wear and tear on most outside features. If you do not mind living in a dry and mild place, you can enjoy low exterior upkeep on most properties.

A home that demands a lot of upkeep may be worth the time and effort to a homeowner for the features or qualities, but you may be more interested in saving time on upkeep. This makes it worth using these tips to help you shop so that you buy the right home for your needs.