Looking For Land? Why You Need A Real Estate Agent

14 May 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When you think of real estate or real estate listings, you likely think about homes for sale, with or without large parcels of land attached to them. However, real estate agents frequently deal with real estate when it comes to land for sale as well and are beneficial in helping clients find a beautiful piece of ranch-style land to call their own.

Whether you want land for sale so you can build a ranch home and farm, so you can sell parcels later, or just to hold onto as a private investment, you should hire a real estate agent to assist you. Here are a few reasons why you need a realtor when you're looking for land.

A real estate agent has connections

It's easy to spot a home for sale in your local community, but finding large pieces of land for sale in real estate listings can be harder to discover, even if they are labeled for sale in the local classifieds. Your real estate agent has connections in your community or the community you want to buy a parcel of land in, so you can learn about land for sale that you haven't seen before, or you can have an agent working for you to unearth land that may soon be coming up on the market but isn't currently listed so you get a first look.

A real estate agent has knowledge

A real estate agent has a special knowledge about land for sale in your area, and they have the tools to find out more about larger parcels of land, such as whether land has water rights or is divided, or if there is a well easement issue you potentially have to worry about if you make any land purchase.

Your real estate agent will also represent you in the type of land you buy, so if you want large parcels of land for agricultural use or to build on, your agent will show you appropriate listings. If you want to buy land that has both business and residential ties to it, then your real estate agent will help you with this special requirement as well.

Buying land can be difficult to do without the use of a real estate agent. Your realtor will not only help you find great land for purchase, they will also help you find loan agents to help you secure your purchase once you find land you want to buy.