Choosing A Two-Bedroom Apartment For Entertaining Guests

13 May 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you want to live alone but you also want to entertain guests, choosing a two-bedroom apartment is the way to go. However, to make sure that your guests are comfortable and that you are equally comfortable, you want to choose the right two-bedroom unit. If you're looking for an apartment fit for guests, here are some selection suggestions you should keep in mind.

1. Maximum Bedroom Privacy

Apartments don't typically have the thickest walls, even when you lease a luxury unit. Since the walls are on the thinner side, which means that it's easier to hear in and out of a room, you should probably look for a unit with a layout that leaves some space between the master bedroom and the second bedroom. 

For instance, a layout with the bedrooms on the opposite ends of the apartment is a great idea. On the contrary, if the rooms are directly next to one another, your guest is likely to hear every movement in your bedroom, which might make you uncomfortable. 

2. Sufficient Storage Space

To make your guest feel comfortable, it's best to choose a unit that has sufficient storage space in the second bedroom. For example, the closest space in some second bedrooms is virtually non-existent. If the room is already small and the closet is small, your guests might not have anywhere to put their luggage.

Although you might not necessarily need to find a unit that has a walk-in closet in the second bedroom, a closet that is at least large enough to fit a standard-size suitcase is a great starting point. 

3. Bathroom Access

It's also a good idea to look for a two-bedroom apartment layout that offers convenient access to the bathroom if privacy is a concern for you. Some units this size offer one bathroom, whereas others offer two-bathrooms. If privacy is a concern for you, a unit that has two bathrooms is ideal. 

If the unit only has one bathroom, your guests will have to share the bathroom with you, which might not be ideal for everyone. At the very least, a bathroom with a shower stall, toilet, and sink is helpful. 

The above tips just represent some of the factors you should keep in mind as you begin your search for a two-bedroom apartment for your entertaining needs. Tailor this list to match your specific needs, and you'll be well on your way.