Home-Buying Process Recommendations To Help You Through The Process

12 May 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


As you begin the process to buy a home, there are many steps ahead of you including preparing yourself financially and making a choice within the homes available on the market. But to help you, you can use the professional services of a ReMax realtor to help you through each step in the process. Here are some recommendations to help you on your way as you work with your realtor to prepare and look for a home to buy.

Understand the Lending Process

It is a good idea to start the lending process as soon as you know you want to buy a house. You will need to have the financing process started to know that you can secure financing, otherwise, you will not be able to buy a home. So in order to save you time, get in contact with a mortgage broker, and submit your lending application.

If you do not have a mortgage broker in mind, your real estate agent can recommend a great one. And by getting a recommendation from your realtor, it will be someone they know and have worked with in the past and who works hard for their clients. Your realtor will have already worked with them to help make the process as seamless as possible.

During the loan application process you, your realtor, and your lender will all be working together to compile paperwork and details about the home you choose to buy. For example, your realtor will provide to the mortgage underwriter the purchase contract on a home you want to buy. They can also arrange for a property appraisal on the home, which will need to be submitted to the underwriter in a timely manner. 

Hire an Inspection

No matter the age or condition of the property you want to buy, it is a good idea to hire a professional inspection. An inspector will look through the property and check its systems and components for any issues, undiscovered problems, or needed repairs before you buy it. Talk to your realtor about arranging a professional inspection on a home you have chosen to buy.

For example, if you are buying a newly-built home, a home inspector will check out the home's plumbing to make sure there has been no damage to the plumbing since the home was built. There is the possibility that the foundation can settle and shear off the main plumbing line at the foundation, resulting in the home's plumbing to back-up and not flow out of the home.