Selling Your Home With The Help Of A Virtual Tour: Keys To Remember

11 May 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, people across the country were forced to socially distance themselves from others, and this forced many people to look at shopping in a totally new light. For those individuals looking to buy a home, even this typical process had to change.

Virtual home tours have always been an excellent way to market your home when you plan to sell it. People from far away can get a good look at the property, the house, and all the attributes of both. Yet, when you could potentially be relying primarily on a virtual tour to sell your home (whether due to social distancing or some other reason), this tour should be absolutely stellar. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you out.

1. Use a high-quality camera for the tour. 

The equipment used to do the virtual tour is important. Some phone cameras are just as good as anything else, but at least use a stabilizing attachment so you don't end up with shaky footage. 

2. Pick the right time of day to do the tour. 

Pick a time when things are quiet outside if there tends to be a lot of traffic at certain points of the day. Film the virtual tour when there is not a lot of commotion in the house if you are still living inside.

3. Make sure the home is literally in the best light. 

Lighting is everything in a virtual tour. Too many shadows and grey areas can leave the watcher frustrated with what they see. Turn on the lights in every room, even the accent lighting, and open blinds and curtains if you need more. 

4. Never skimp on the details. 

When someone is relying on a virtual tour to really get a good look at your home, they are going to want to see the details. Follow the following tips:

  • Don't just walk around the kitchen; open cabinets, peer into the sink, and make your way from the fridge to the kitchen island.
  • Don't just shoot a shot of the bathroom; go in, open shower doors, and look under the sink.
  • Don't just give one panned-out shot of the family room; peer out the bay window and open the front door.

5. Go outside. 

The best virtual tour is going to take a prospect beyond the interior walls of the house. Any serious buyer is going to want to see the exterior of the house, the main entryway, the outdoor living space, and any detached structures or buildings. Make sure you get all the best highlights of the outlying property on film to share, right down to the pansies in the concrete planters, the driveway, and the mailbox.