Questions Buyers Will Ask When You Sell Your Historic Home

7 May 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Selling a historic home is a unique process. You will have buyers that are looking at the property as more than just a dwelling or a place to live; they will also be investing in a piece of history. Therefore, you can expect that most prospects that make their way to a home showing will have some unique questions about the property. As a seller, it is always good if you can provide certain bits of information for prospects, and your chosen real estate agent can help you track down some of the answers to common historical home sales questions. Here are a few things to determine about the house. 

1. What year was the original house built?

It sounds like a simple question with a simple answer, but historical homeowners don't always know exactly when the original home was built. It is quite common for the original structure to get built on to and changed over the decades, and what is stated on the deed of the property can be up for question in a lot of situations. It can sometimes take a bit of research to figure out when the original structure was erected. 

2. How many times has the property been renovated or changed?

Just as buyers will want to know when the original structure was built, they will also likely ask about how much change has occurred over the years. How many times has the home been renovated? Which sections are the most modern parts of the home? Has the home ever been completely renovated, including the plumbing or electrical components? All of these questions could come up. 

3. What original features are still intact?

Original staircases and railing, built-ins, and butler closets are all examples of things that can make a historical home more attractive to buyers. Most buyers will be looking for a house that still has some of that trademark charm that can come along with antiquated features. If you know what those features are, you can showcase them in your listings and inform prospects. 

4. Did anything significant happen on the property?

Part of the draw of historical homes is obviously their history. Historical attributes can be really interesting to buyers because many people looking for these properties are looking for a property with an interesting story. It could be a historical figure that owned a home, an event that took place at the home, or something significant about who built the house.