Home Selling Tips You'll Get From A Real Estate Agent

7 May 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Think you're capable of selling your home on your own? You may not realize all the help you'll get from using a real estate agent to do it. Here are 3 tips that experienced agents know.

Know How To Stage Your Home

When it comes to staging a home, many novice home sellers assume that you just need furniture in place that make it look like the home has furniture in it. Home staging goes beyond just having the physical furniture in your home, since it should look natural as well. A real estate agent may suggest bringing bright colors into the home during the spring, or more earth tones in the fall. It helps home staging look natural and not act as a distraction to a buyer. 

If your home is currently empty and you are on a budget, consider using virtual home staging when taking your photos. It is possible to take an empty room and put furniture inside it so that your home has the exact look that you desire in the photos. 

Know The Price Range Buyers Search In

Think you know how much to price your home at? You may be making a mistake that causes your home to be seen by fewer buyers. When people search real estate websites for homes, they almost always put in a price range for homes they want to see. If your home is slightly outside a price range that people typically search, you could be missing out on a large portion of sellers because of a few thousand dollars difference in price. Your real estate agent will know how to strategically price your home so it falls into ranges that buyers typically search. 

Know About How Time On The Market Can Be Detrimental 

If you put your home up for sale and it doesn't sell right away, you may not realize that that time on the market can cause buyers to avoid looking into your home. Buyers may think that something is wrong with it if nobody has made an offer, causing the listing to be ignored. It may also not be picked up in those online searches when sorted by recently listed homes. 

You can prevent this from happening to you by making mistakes during the initial listing period when interest in the home will be at its peak. That means having the home listed at the right price, and even listing it at the right time. If you list your home at the beginning of a major holiday, you could lose out on that peak period of interest because people simply are not looking at homes for sale.