The Attic: An Often-Overlooked Gem In A Single-Family Home

30 April 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Of all the types of homes available on the real estate market, there are none sought after more than the standard single-family dwelling. Offering privacy, ample space, and a logical layout to support family life without a lot of extravagances, these homes do have a lot to offer. However, there is one part of a single-family home that often gets overlooked as an assumed unimportant space by buyers during the search for a new home: the attic. Attics are usually present on some level in a single-family home, but they are not always very large or accessible, and many aren't even finished with a floor and functional features. 

4 Reasons A Large, Finished Attic Is An Advantage In A Single-Family Home

When it comes down to it, a large attic is an advantageous space. Here are a few reasons why. 

1. An Attic Is an Excellent Storage Space 

Storage is a huge must-have, and some homes simply do not have enough of it. A nice, large attic complete with a floor and walls means you have that entire area to stow away holiday decor, seasonal clothing, and old keepsakes. 

2. Get the Versatile Space You Need 

Versatility can be lacking in some single-family homes, especially ranch-style homes that have the most traditional layout with bedrooms bunched on one end and living areas on the other. A large, finished attic gives you that little extra versatility to incorporate some other usable space, whether it is a playroom for the kids, a home library, or something else. 

3. Implement a Home Office

You may not work at home now, but with technology and other attributes evolving how society works, there is always a chance you could in the future. An attic is separate from the rest of the house, which makes it an ideal workplace. 

4. Get the Opportunity of a Spare Bedroom

Family situations change throughout the years. Some people start out with the idea they will only have two kids, and later they have another. Some households take on raising another child unexpectedly. And sometimes, elderly or disabled relatives end up needing more care and move in with their adult children. In a situation like this, having a nice-sized finished attic means you have space that could potentially be used as a bedroom if needed. 

Work with a Real Estate Agent for Help Finding the Right Home 

Shopping for a home is an exhilarating experience. But getting everything you want in the end is a must. Talk to your real estate agent, let them know how important a large attic is to you, and allow them to help you find single-family homes for sale in your area.