2 Important Steps To Take To Increasing Bookings At Your Vacation Rental

29 April 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you own a second home that you use as a vacation rental and you are not getting enough people interested in your rental, you need to change up your approach to renting out your home. A change in approach can easily relate to an increase in bookings.

Keep Your Description Fresh

The description of your rental isn't something that you should write and never look at again. Instead, it should be a document that you update on a regular basis. With the description, you are not only selling your home as a space to stay, but you are also selling the area as a great vacation destination as well.

Make sure your description accurately describes your home. Describe all the amenities your home offers that make staying there a more enjoyable experience. Highlight different amenities during different times of the year. For example, in the winter, you may want to highlight the cozy fireplace and nice heating system in your home, and in the summer, you may want to emphasize the nice back porch and grill.

In your setting, you should also discuss the area. Talk about how your home is a short drive from that amazing new Italian restaurant or how you can easily take an Uber to get to whatever festival the town is famous for. Sell the area and how your house will help someone enjoy it in the description.

Hire a Professional to Take Photographs

The truth is, we live in a highly visual world, with tools like Instagram and Pinterest highlighting how much people rely on visual information. Not everyone you encounter will be able to accurately describe what makes a photo good, but most people can tell if a photo is good or not. If you have poor photographs of your vacation home, you are not going to get the listings you crave.

You need to have professional photographs taken that highlight space and show off its best features. You want your pictures to allow the viewer to feel as if they are walking through your home. You want your pictures to clearly show off each space in your home. Having twenty or more high-quality photos will help increase your bookings. Invest in having a professional photographer take these pictures for you.

If you want to bring in more renters to your vacation rental, remember to update the description of your rental to reflect the change in season, and make sure your description sells the area and not just your home.

To learn more, contact a vacation rental company.