Buying A Luxury Home? Expert Advice To Remember In The Process

24 April 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Luxury homes are a place to dwell, but they have a lot of novelty included that really changes the status and stature of the property. This kind of investment is usually rather large and it is best to not go into searching for a luxury home blindly.

1. Dig deeper than pictures on home finder websites.

Pictures are meant to show the best qualities of a home, and home finder websites do a good job of making that happen. However, what you may not get are pictures that show the full expanse of the property or images that give you an idea of the proximity of your neighbors. You can gather a lot of this information if it is not available by keying in the address on Google Earth or Google Maps and switching to street view.

2. Only buy a luxury home with the long-term in mind.

Luxury homes are much more of a financial commitment than a standard house in more than a few ways. Property taxes are going to be more costly, maintenance and upkeep are going to be more expensive, and even mortgage payments (if involved) will be substantially higher. It is never a good idea to invest in a luxury home if you don't know that your financial status is going to remain stable for the foreseeable future.

3. Work with a real estate agent in the area you plan to buy.

It is not uncommon for buyers to be on the search for a luxury home far away from where they normally live, and that is fine to do. Just make sure you seek out an agent that is in the area that you prefer to find a home. Someone local is going to know about listings sooner, be able to offer sound advice about the area, and may have direct access to sellers that may otherwise be inaccessible by outsiders.

4. Negotiation is doable but not as common.

Luxury home pricing can be a bit more straightforward. Sellers know what they have to get before they sell their property and they are likely to stick at that price point when a listing goes live. However, some sellers will be willing to negotiate, but you really shouldn't expect that you will get to negotiate a major price difference. This is another good reason to have a good realtor agent on your side who can help you with negotiations.

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