Fully Furnished Manufactured Homes Offer Convenience

20 July 2023
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Sometimes a home tour or a manufactured home walk-through is such a resounding success, you want to recreate the entire experience upon moving into the new house. Furnished manufactured homes provide the convenience of a move-in ready place after the house is relocated and utilities are connected. Major furniture, such as sofas, tables and beds, and decor accents like throw pillows, linens and wall art can be included to eliminate any major shopping excursions to outfit the place.

Standard features on manufactured homes

Manufactured and mobile homes staged on a lot are sometimes showcased bare to help you see a blank canvas. At other times, they are fully staged, but the items may not be available for purchase. However, there are certain core offerings generally included in manufactured homes, so it's important to ask questions if you are curious about a specific appliance or accessory.

Manufactured homes are assembled in a factory and then transported to a showplace and eventually your chosen property. When they are built, standard features of a home, such as a built-in kitchen island, built-in bookcases and light fixtures, or ceiling fans, are also installed to provide a complete package. These items should be standard inclusions with your purchase unless you upgrade or switch to a different design offering. Other items, such as refrigerators with cabinetry fit perfectly around them or reconfigurable shelving or doors are also common parts of a manufactured home and are included in the selling price. However, it's important to check with the seller and review your contract to double-check appliance specifics to ensure you are able to purchase what you need in a timely fashion. 

Optional items

In a fully staged listing, manufactured home sellers generally outfit the entire home to showcase what living in the space could look like, and you may or may not like the choices. For a home with furniture you love but that is sold bare, ask if the seller can put you in touch with the staging company to help you purchase the pieces featured in the display. If you are able to purchase the items already in the home that will be moved to your acreage, they can often be transported in the house, further streamlining moving day. 

When buying a furnished home isn't possible, you can also ask where the pieces were acquired or look for brand names and take photos for later web searches. If you're shopping for a manufactured home and complete furnishing is a major decision-maker, contact local sellers before shopping and ask if they sell furnished units or can help you coordinate with a local decorator for furnishing.

To learn more about fully furnished manufactured homes, reach out to a local service provider.